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Stealth. Not necessarily a word associated with great music. The special thing about an artist like Joey Green is that his stealth isn't by choice. A well grounded and rounded artist with feet planted firmly in Texas soil has tons of noise to peek through... What I mean is this simply... Joey Green will peak through. After years of growth and trials it has become quite evident that Joey Green isn't going anywhere. Oh wait I mean he is never going to stop making music. Progression is part of song and life, Joey does both with heart and passion leading the fight.


After 4 full length studio albums, a pun intended Ep, a live album and several Texas radio singles; Joey is here to stay. Not only a 14 year tenure in the Texas music scene makes him thrive but his love of music and brotherhood have made him a favorite amongst some of the tx elite. From his first producer credit on Ryan Mcbride’s “Quicksand” to boasting co-writes on Bart Crow’s “Tami” and “Should’ve Stayed Away” , Joey has carved his name into the “Red Dirt”. But to speak with Joey about what he truly believes of his music, he responds quite humbly..” It’s exactly how I want it to be. A lot of people misconstrue what I am actually trying to do with my music and that’s perfectly ok with me. They ask me why not add a fiddle or slow it down or not so much RockNroll .. Blah blah blah. I make my music for me because it’s my story my heart my voice. The awesomenes s that comes with other human connection to it, that’s the reward.” The release of “The War” in 2015 is sure to catapult this heartstrong singer songwriter into the ears of listeners across the spectrum. Full of crafted lyrics and melodies and gut punching production (Ken Coomer) “The War” is sure to be a catalogue must have on vinyl.

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